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Payer Management

Why is Payer Management Important in Healthcare?


Payer management is crucial when we discuss medical billing. Payers are typically categorized in four ways: health plans, payers, insurers, and payviders. A common misconception is that these are all synonymous with each other, but they’re not exactly interchangeable terms.

Health plans pay the cost of medical care, while the payer processes and pays provider claims. The most common type of payers are insurers (insurance companies). Meanwhile, payviders are healthcare service providers who are also payers.

With AZ Billing’s Payer Management service, we implement a custom medical billing process that identifies underpayments and tracks denial reasons to help increase your net revenue and margin. We also offer services to assist in electronic billing and SFTP setup.

With these, we simplify billing formats, customize payment models, and untangle the medical billing process, making it easy for payers to pay for your patient care, which you can improve by improving your fiscal outcomes with us.

Payer Management has never been more easy with AZ Billing.

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